Chandra Ekajaya Oil Businessman of Bontang

PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil collects dozens of prospective strategic partners for project grass root refinery Bontang in project expose. The company’s potential partners are requested to collects request for information at the upcoming April 2th.


The director, Yohanes Eka Jaya Chandra explains that project expose GRR Bontang has been responded with quite enthusiastic. Among the 95 companies, 12 companies are large oil and gas company.


“There are currently 95 companies from around the, both United States of America, Europe, East Asia, Middle East, even Indonesia that participate on this project expose. Certainly, we want to partner with companies that have high commitment to completing the project on 2023,” he said when on Hotel Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, yesterday.


The prospective partner companies are refiner companies, trading companies, and financial institutions. According to him, there are main four characteristics of prospective partners that desired PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil.


Namely, have trusted track records for the oil processing industry, mainly operational reliability and projects execution. Also, can adjust the structure and the business model that desired by PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil.


It has target to get that strategic partners on April 2017, 28th. Soon after being elected, it with strategic partners will start the progress of bankable feasibility study (BFS) that targeted completion on the beginning of 2018 cum to complete the formation of the Consortium. After that, Preliminary-Investment Decision 1 will be set to describe the estimated initial investment project of GRR Bontang.


As for the production of the refinery will be allocated for export market with two countries for destination, that is Philippines and Australia. Now, there is a trader that interested in doing a long-term contract to buy solar from Bontang refinery for sent to the both countries.


GRR Bontang is targeted to able to processing of crude oil about 300 thousand barrels per day with the capacity of gasolin product at least 60 thousand barrels per day and diesel at least 124 thousand barrels per day. Production results have specifications of Euro V.

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